Welcome to Zoomix

Zoomix is a Sino-british food & drinks brand currently based out of Nanjing China. Zoomix stores are not only about the products we offer but more importantly the space we create for our customers. We believe our spaces should serve as a hub of connectivity & creativity, an expression of shared identity & values and as a constant reminder to love life.

International Mindset

We are a unique embodiment of East meets West, digesting contrasting values whilst highlighting and utilizing the strengths provided through a different way of thinking.

Innovation Focused

Zoomix is constantly exploring and learning, whether it is the development of new products, exploring new, innovative store designs, or researching how to implement new technologies within our business to improve our customer experience.

Quality Driven

Everything we do is in some way connected to providing value to our customers. We care about creating a brand our customers can identify with and love, one which our team is truely proud to stand behind.

Team Oriented

We recognise it isn’t just about respecting and valuing each and every individual within our team, but also our partners and collaborations. The relationships we foster make us stronger, this is especially true when we can retain talent and continually work with both individuals and companies that share our vision.

Your Space

The noise of modern life can be overwhelming. We sometimes get so caught up in everything that we forget to take a moment to appreciate life, to breathe. Zoomix is committed to providing a space for our customers to escape, to breathe and recoup. We are the happy place you go to in your head realised as a physical space.

Zoomix serves as an anchor and reminder that there are like minded people who care about the world we live in and who understand the importance of the pursuit of happiness. In the struggle to find a place and purpose, we are here as a reminder that we all share a common identity.

Contact Us

Unit 21, 168 Taiping South Road,

Ocean International Centre, Qinhuai District,

Nanjing, China

Email: Info@Zoomix.co.uk

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